Secure, Tech-enabled Self Storage, conveniently located in your neighborhood.currently available in San Francisco

What’s Stuuf?

Stuuf is a tech-enabled self-storage company, focused on security, convenience, and a tech-enhanced experience. Stuuf’s spaces can be found anywhere, from corporate office buildings, to parking structures, and malls.

How it works

Stuuf utilizes unoccupied commercial real estate space for self-storage. Our team works with landlords and tenants to convert these spaces, such as office buildings, parking structures, or malls, into self-storage units.

The result – a conveniently located storage unit right in your neighborhood.

Why Stuuf?

By utilizing commercial real estate in your neighborhood, Stuuf is able to provide affordable storage space in a convenient location near you.

Stuuf also provides best-in-class security, with 24/7 surveillance, occupancy sensors, and on-site security.

Store your Stuuf with us soon!